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Patient isn't hemorrhaging. You are.

There are over 10,000 separate medical billing codes out there. You don't know them by heart yet? Too bad. You don't get paid until you do. Meanwhile you just want to be a doctor. You're not trained in things like achieving maximum efficiency and profitability in your practice. CRT Medical Systems has the medical billing services that do.

Medical Billing Services That Increase Practice Profitability.

Southeastern Michigan based CRT Medical Systems has been around for over 30 years and are the medical billing experts for all of your clinical practice needs.

You’re a doctor. Period. But somebody has to look after the financial health of your practice. You need the medical billing specialists at CRT Medical Systems. Our medical billing services experience enables us to identify the redundancies, the hemorrhaging, the inefficiencies and wheel spinning that reduce your practice’s profitability.

For over 30 years CRT Medical Systems CEO David Doyle has seen it all and done it all. He knows the technology, what works and what to avoid. He knows how to make it pay for you from day one. He can implement the medical billing services that have the insurance companies playing nicer with you. He’s got the handle on what’s coming down the government pipe, such as how all medical billing services will be impacted by government legislation and the EMR/ARRA incentives.
The bottom line: CRT and David Doyle make your medical billings more streamlined, your staff more informed and your practice more profitable.

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