Ready or Not… ICD-10 Is Coming!

ICD-10 is closing in quickly, and preparation is critical in order to ensure that your cash flow and reimbursements aren’t affected. Over the next 11 months CRT is going to provide you and your staff with the necessary tools so you can conquer ICD-10 in its entirety. In the meantime check out what tools CRT will be providing in the near future.

CRT will also be providing some tools free of charge as well:

o Monthly e-mails and newsletters to keep you up to date

o Each month 2 webinars will be sponsored for you and your staffs viewing

o Every month we will provide links, FAQ’s, and other resources for you

o More will be coming soon

The ICD-10 Widget
You can utilize this intuitive widget to reference both ICD-10 and ICD-9 codes with each other as you begin to slowly navigate the new coding system

Disclaimer: This tool is based on the General Equivalency Mapping (GEM) files published by CMS, and is not intended to be used as an ICD10 conversion, ICD-10 mapping, or ICD-9 to ICD-10 crosswalk tool. Keep in mind that while many codes in ICD-9-CM map directly to codes in ICD-10, in some cases, a clinical analysis may be required to determine which code or codes should be selected for your mapping. Always review mapping results before applying them. This disclaimer is courtesy of the AAPC
The three sites listed below should allow you and your staff to gain an ample start on preparing for ICD-10-CM. Take a look through them, and make sure to leverage all the free tools at your disposal.

The CMS Website (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)


o The CMS website is a government run site which focuses on the dynamics of Medicare

o This site provides a variety of tools for your disposal. Including: the latest ICD-10 and Medicaid. These two programs are the governing factors of the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA). Because of this, the CMS website is one of the best places to glean information regarding ICD-10-CM. The reason being, HIPAA is the driving force behind the change from ICD-9 to ICD-10. From news and updates, e-mail updates, implementation timelines and planning, provider resources, Medicare FFS provider resources, along with many more.

The AAPC website (American Academy of Professional Coders)


o The AAPC is the industry leader in terms of medical coding and auditing in the healthcare field. They offer training and certification for ICD-10 among many other things. This is another great place to obtain valuable and accurate information regarding the ICD-10 change. Many services and tools are offered for free, but the majority of them come with having a membership with the AAPC. We highly recommend becoming a member of this organization for at least the interim period leading up to October 2014. The training and instructional tools are of extraordinary value for you and your staff.

The AHIMA Website (American Health Information Management Association)


o The AHIMA website is also another fantastic instrument for assessing readiness and enacting a plan for ICD-10. While some of the tools do cost money, others are free and are of great value. Take a look around the site and do some exploring, you are bound to find some very useful information for the upcoming changes in the industry.

Additional Documentation and Resources

o CRT Medical Systems’ ICD-10 Announcement Letter
o ICD-10 Frequently Asked Questions (Courtesy of CMS)
o ICD-10 Basics Overview (Courtesy of CMS)
o ICD-10 Keys to Success (Courtesy of AAPC)