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CRT Medical Systems’ FiscalCare™

CRT Medical Systems’ FiscalCare™ is a brand new suite of services designed and aimed at solving each and every issue in your revenue cycle. The days of only worrying about the insurance side of things are long behind us, now we must focus on each individual facet of the revenue process in order to ensure a smooth and steady cash flow.

From the time the patient first walks in until the time you receive that final payment, we have solutions every step of the way. The healthcare revenue cycle is complex, and unfortunately the future looks to add even more complexity with new regulations on the horizon including ICD-10 and The Affordable Care Act.

As a doctor you have much more to worry about, like taking care of your patients, and growing your practice. While you’re busy being the best healthcare physician possible, we are busy taking care of your practices fiscal health, acting as your “fiscal physicians”.

CRT Medical Systems’ FiscalCare™ breaks through the financial barriers hindering healthcare providers like yourself. We give patients the ability to pay you faster, and give your front desk the tools to ensure proper verification is attained before each office visit in order to facilitate quicker turnaround from the payor.

Tools like these are the catalyst for increasing your cash flow, lowering your denials, and creating a happier environment for you, your employees and your patients.  Below you will find all of the services and tools available in our CRT Medical Systems’ FiscalCare™ Suite, and many of them come free of charge.

CRT Online Reporting


CRT online financial reporting is a brand new tool aimed at helping you better understand your practice financials. This site gives you real time data on all charges and collections. Every day you have the ability to login and see how your practice is doing. Signing up is simple and easy! Call for more information.


Price: FREE


CRT Employee Leasing


Payroll, taxes, regulations, employee benefits and everything else that comes along with the administrative duties within your practice all equate to one fundamental issue – loss of time and productivity. As a doctor, you have more important things to worry about, like taking care of your patients. Every year the IRS penalizes 1 in 3 businesses for payroll and administrative mistakes due to their complexity; don’t allow yourself to become a statistic.


CRT will partner with your practice and serve as the administrative employer. While the practice owners still manage employee’s daily responsibilities, CRT will act as the actual employer. We will handle everything in terms of your human resource responsibilities.

CRT’s Employee Leasing is guaranteed to make your practice more profitable, your office managers more productive and your employees happier.

Price: Dependent upon number of employees and payroll benefits.


CRT Patient Payment Portal


The patient payment portal is a tool that gives your patients the ability to pay their bills online. When a patient receives a statement in the mail a web address is listed on the statement, and they can then go pay online via credit or debit card, along with using ACH transfers.

Price: FREE




Auditing, Compliance & Coding


We have staff dedicated to the overwhelming amount of regulations and codes pertaining to the health care industry. We offer services such as auditing, compliance training, regulation education and coding assistance. We are your healthcare experts!


Price: Call for Rates


Eligibility Verification


Did you know that the number 1 reason claims are denied is due to a patient being ineligible for service. The 2nd highest reason? A Patient isn’t covered at all. These 2 denials equate to being nearly 60% of the average practices denials.


These types of denials can be reduced if not completely eliminated by simply verifying eligibility prior to rendering service to the patient. CRT now offers you the ability to check eligibility quickly and easily. We offer two types of programs: the first is a real-time verification tool, and the latter is a batch eligibility tool.


Real-time verification takes place right at the time of service. Your front desk staff enters the insurance information into a website and instantly knows whether or not they are covered, and what is covered. This route is great for smaller practices or those with frequent walk in patients. The batch solution enables you to check eligibility via your scheduling system. Every night you can send out your scheduler information and verify eligibility for each patient the next day.


This tool practically pays for itself; catching just a few denials each month due to eligibility can save countless amounts of time and money.


Price: Real-Time: $20 per provider per month, $295 setup fee


Batch Verification: $.15 per patient, $50 monthly minimum, $495 Setup fee


Patient Credit Card on File (Coming Soon)


Patient receivables have been steadily rising for years now, and patient balances can become extremely difficult to collect after 60 days. CRT is developing a new system which allows you to capture a patient’s credit card and use it after the insurance has been adjudicated. The cost savings are exponential because no longer will you have to repeatedly spend money on paper and postage to send a patient a bill. Once the insurance is adjudicated the patient will receive a phone call, e-mail or a text describing what their current balance is. If the patient does not reach out to inquire about the balance their card will be automatically charged for the amount 3 business days later. Now you are collecting patient balances in days instead of months.


For any further information or questions regarding these services please contact Conner Doyle at (248)679-1752 or