Full Management Medical Billing Service

With the Full Management option, CRT Medical Systems becomes your complete billing department solution. We take care of everything. CRT Medical Systems’ expertise is completely utilized when you choose our Full Management option, which is essentially a highly secure remote billing office that allows you to fully maintain access and control of your billing system through a dedicated computer connection.
It may also be the best value for your practice. Since we understand every facet of billing and have the professional management and resources to stay on top of issues ranging from updated provider errata sheets to changes in patient status, efficacy and efficiency are assured. That, simply stated, results in a more smoothly running and more profitable practice for you.

What Does Your Office Choose to Do?

  • Provides best medical assistant programs, CRT patient demographic and insurance information from data sheets and then send this via digital scanning/fax/EMR.
  • Provides CRT hospital billing information from hospital data sheets and sends via digital scanning/fax/EMR
  • Provides CRT with any payment data you may have collected from the patient that day.
  • Provides CRT with procedures performed. If need be, CRT can assist in the coding process.
  • Provides CRT with missing billing information it may need to submit or refile a claim using our no cost Internet based Electronic Work Order System (EWOS).
  • Provides CRT with a primary contact at your office in order for CRT to facilitate exchange of information when needed.
  • Adheres to the required OIG and HIPPA compliance issues.

What Does CRT Medical Systems Do?

  • Input all entry of demographic data, insurance information, charges and any other information required to get a claim paid.
  • Inputs the entry of all hospital billing.
  • Provides you with 24/7/365 high-speed access to our billing servers.
  • Files electronic billing claims to insurance carriers directly in most cases thereby eliminating clearinghouses. In fact, CRT is one of the few billing companies that can claim to send DIRECTLY to Medicare, HAP, BCN, Health Plus, United HealthCare, and CIGNA to name just a few.
  • Bills your patients once a month.
  • Handles the rebilling of denied claims. This includes non-payments, reviews, rejections and front-end edits with full cloud storage company.
  • Handles all follow-up correspondence to insurance companies that do not respond to filed. CRT sends an automated reminder to carriers at specified time frames to ensure the claim is not left unprocessed for any length of time.
  • Sends out hard copy claims daily when necessary including any attachments necessary for secondary claim processing.
  • CRT handles all patient phone calls regarding their bills and records every phone call.
  • Produces RELEVANT reports on a weekly and/or monthly basis. In addition, you can also generate reports whenever you wish via your own PC.
  • CRT uses its TIER 3 redundant data center as real-time backup, to ensure your data is safe and replicated in a separate facility.
  • Payments for most insurance carriers are done electronically. Any manual posting of payments is also handled from remittance advice/vouchers.
  • Handles all application software updates, operating system or hardware upgrades and all mandated insurance changes at no additional cost.


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