Hybrid Management Medical Billing Solution

Our Hybrid Management solution allows you to take on as much or as little of the billing process as you or your staff are comfortable with. We can take a look at your practice and evaluate it alongside your key stakeholders and then propose the best solution. That’s where the CRT Hybrid Management solution excels.
Hybrid Management solutions are an effective way to seamlessly integrate a high level of customer care without incurring soaring administrative costs. You have the ability to access any reports, inquire on any patient balances, as well as look at and maintain patient demographic and billing information.

What Does Your Office Choose to Do?

  • Enter all patient billing information into your PC at your office, which is connected directly to our in-house servers located in Novi, Michigan.
  • Handle checkout situations where a patient can get a walkout receipt for payment made and the actual billing itself is completed.
  • Enter all billing/charge information, daily. This means that all patients who were seen by the doctor and had services rendered are entered into the system. When the staff goes home for the day all billing work on their part is done.
  • Provide CRT via its Electronic Work Order System (EWOS) with whatever billing information it may need to re-bill a claim.
  • Adhere to the required OIG and HIPPA compliance issues.


What Does CRT Medical Systems Do?

  • Provides you with 24/7/365 high-speed access to our billing servers.
  • Files electronic billing claims to insurance carriers directly eliminating clearinghouses. In fact, CRT is one of the few billing companies to send DIRECTLY to Medicare, HAP, BCN, Health Plus, United HealthCare, and CIGNA to name just a few.
  • Bills your patients once a month.
  • Handles the rebilling of denied claims. This includes non-payments, reviews, rejections and front-end edits.
  • Handles all follow-up correspondence to insurance companies that do not respond to claims filed. CRT deploys an automated reminder system to contact carriers at specified time frames to ensure the claim is not left unprocessed for any length of time.
  • Sends out hard copy claims when necessary (including a attachments necessary for secondary claim processing).
  • CRT handles all patient phone calls regarding their bills and records every phone call.
  • Produces RELEVANT reports on a weekly and/or monthly basis. In addition, you can also generate your own reports whenever you wish via your own PC.
  • CRT uses its TIER 3 redundant data center as real-time backup, to ensures your data is safe and replicated in a separate facility.
  • Payments for most insurance carriers are done electronically. Any manual posting of payments are also handled from remittance advice/vouchers.
  • Handles all application software updates, operating system or hardware upgrades and mandated Insurance changes at no additional cost.


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