ASP/ Online Medical Billing Solutions

CRT Medical Systems offers the Online Billing solution as the first line of improving productivity and profitability. While this is exactly like having your own computer billing system in-house, it offers many more advantages.
CRT provides the billing/practice management software application and your staff assumes responsibility for your own billing and claim follow-up services. ASP offers a much lower cost of entry when setting up your billing department, without the large costs for purchased software, operating systems, servers, networks and the ongoing associated maintenance costs.
We offer you the option of using our highly efficient billing system for a monthly fee, which can drastically cut costs and raise revenue. Our automated technology helps you manage your bottom line more efficiently. CRT Medical Systems handles all of the headaches and support problems that no in-house computer system can handle. You utilize your own PCs and via a direct Internet connection you access our software. We use only T1/OC-3/DSL/CABLE or ISDN type communication lines. The speed, therefore, is equal to that of most in-house computer systems.
We handle the transmission of billing claims daily. We generate hard copy claims and send them directly to you via UPS for processing or we will send them out directly via a clearinghouse. We create and send out weekly your patient statements automatically. We handle all of the necessary backups on a daily basis as well as provide you with a completely redundant data center that is a TIER 3 facility, ensuring your data is secure. This is an added benefit that keeps you Web-based, current and secure 24/7/365 days a year.
As with all our billing options, you receive the benefit of CRT Medical Systems’ 30 years of experience. Complete support and training for the daily use of the system is also provided, making any transitions as effortless and easy as possible.

What Does Your Office Choose to Do?

  • Enters all patient billing information into your PC at your office, which is connected directly to our in-house servers located in Novi, Michigan.
  • Handles checkout situations where a patient can get a walkout receipt for payment made and the actual billing itself is completed.
  • Enters all billing information
  • Handles all rebilling of rejected claims. This includes non-payments, reviews, rejections and front-end edits. With CRT’s software you will find substantial improvements with handling and processing denied claims, with fewer resources. We can show you how you handle all of the follow-up correspondence to the insurance companies when claims are not processed/responded to, but unlike other systems, CRT’s billing system quantifies and isolates those claims allowing you to rapidly identify them. No need for cumbersome reports.
  • Mail out any hard copy claims.
  • Handles all billing related patient phone calls.
  • Handles all manual postings of payments.

What Does CRT Medical Systems Do?

  • Provides you with 24/7/365 access to our billing servers, eliminating your need to be concerned with supporting in-house IT systems.
  • Daily, CRT transmits electronic billing claims to insurance carriers. CRT is one of the few companies who can send claims directly to numerous carriers thereby bypassing many clearinghouses. This results in faster turnaround on payments
  • Bills your patients once a month.
  • Produces all of the reports on a weekly and/or monthly basis. You can also generate your own reports whenever you wish from your own PC. And if necessary we can custom develop a report to your specifications.
  • Payments for all insurance carriers are done electronically. CRT’s goal is to increase the number of carriers that send electronic files to further reduce the manual labor that you currently deploy.
  • Any updates to the billing application for mandated insurance changes are included in your monthly fee.
  • Handles all application software update, operating system or hardware upgraded and all mandated insurance changes at no additional cost.


Medical Billing Analysis

We use our product every day to process over $450 million in claims annually. We walk in your shoes and deal with the same billing challenges you deal with.

David Doyle, Founder and CEO