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Why should you choose CRT Medical for all of your medical billing services?

I make a promise on the behalf of CRT Medical Systems to help doctors be doctors. Do I think I can do what doctors do? No, not even for a moment. But, I do believe that I can eliminate distracting worries that prevent doctors from giving patients their undivided attention.

David Doyle, Founder and CEO

Medical Billing Brain IconMedical Billing Expertise

We help your practice managers and medical billing technicians make the right decisions at the beginning of the billing process. Your practice collects more, faster, and encounters fewer rejections.
CRT deals directly with HAP, BCN, United Health, Health Plus, CIGNA, WPS, and more. Because we’re located in southeastern Michigan, we have experience dealing with the local providers. We don’t use clearinghouses to the same degree other medical billing providers do. Result: better collection ratios. That’s a proven fact.
CRT can also give you a leg-up with the government. We have been closely studying EMR/ARRA legislation and “meaningful use” requisites. CRT Medical Systems experts understand how all this will impact your practice, as well as the best medical billing and EMR services available to meet the challenges.
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Practice Security

Because the security of your patient and practice records is paramount, CRT Medical Systems’ medical billing services are among the most secure in the industry. With redundant off-site data storage security and rigorous data back-up protocols, CRT Medical Systems is airtight. How airtight? Sign up for a demonstration here

Medical Billing Gears Icon

Here’s how

• Dedicated servers for medical billing and EMR ensures premium performance
• Redundant server back up in a Tier 3 Class data center
• Secure practice and patient records
• Dedicated account specialists
• Digital imaging of all remittance advice to ensure immediate access
• A state-of-the-art training facility
• Unparalleled systems support
• Comprehensive business insurance
• Dual fiber optic sonet ring to guarantee data access
(Means if the main connection is interrupted, your service isn’t because a back-up system is immediately initiated.)
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Medical Billing Monitor IconCutting Edge Medical Billing Technology

Industry leaders CRT and David Doyle have been eating, drinking, breathing the latest medical billing technology for 30 years. So you don’t have to.
In 1980 when David Doyle founded CRT Medical Systems, there were a number of computer technologies on the horizon. Then evolution did its thing, as it always does…and David’s expert computer code writing abilities gave him great insight into picking the medical billing technology winners. He still picks them. Every day.
For example, medical billing services system longevity is one key to practice profitability and it’s a big one. Ignore it and your practice could get caught up in the technology merry-go-round that destroys productivity and drags down profitability. The wrong technology requires constant retraining of practice managers and medical billing staff, not to mention constant vigilance from you. No thanks! Worry about your patients. Leave the rest to CRT Medical Systems.
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Medical Billing Cape IconMedical Billing Support & Training

Your practice managers, medical billing technicians and doctors can all utilize our services, in an appropriate, timely and “easy-to-understand” manner designed for immediate action. We help your whole staff with:
• The enormous complexity of the file submission and remittance technology
• The overwhelming proliferation of medical billing codes, now numbering more than 10,000
• The classifications issues of specialty practices and of in-patient and outpatient procedures
• Confusion from having to stay current with the changing landscape of over 900 national carriers
• Inaccuracies resulting from the ever-changing insurance protocols and the thousands of errata sheets that come in every year
But CRT doesn’t stop there. We nurture your staff every step of the way, guiding them in the medical billing and EMR process. We offer training from day 1, plus dedicated account specialist support for your medical billing and EMR technicians. We even have a state-of-the art medical billing training facility on our 20,000 sq. ft. campus in Novi Michigan.


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No matter how hectic your office is we’re paying attention to the financial end of your business. Listening is one of our strengths.

David Doyle, Founder and CEO